I was excited to discover Meteor a couple days ago. I really like the approach that you have taken with Telescope. I was yearning for a starting point, with authentication, navigation in place. Your modular design is awesome.

For my application I do not need all of the features of Telescope but I do need many of them. I would like to add a new content type (a game) and some custom forms for creating new objects of this type. Can you recommend a general approach? Do you see telescope growing into a general purpose app development platform?

Any plans for world domination as a new CMS ala Drupal or WordPress?


Sacha GreifSacha Greif
2 years ago

I think the main thing to do if you're building on top of Telescope is to try not modifying the core Telescope files too much, just to ensure you can still benefit from upcoming Telescope updates.

I'm not sure if Telescope will become some kind of app development platform. I guess we'll see how it evolves organically. I do want to help extract as much of Telescope's features into generic Meteor packages though, so maybe down the road it won't even matter that much whether you use Telescope, or just use its various components separately :)