Let's talk what we need to do to get moving away from the Google groups and towards a better future of Meteor-Talk discussions where we can learn, enjoy and evolve instead of frustrations due to spam and lacking features or ugly design. Come on now, we can do it! :)

The debates to find an alternative to Google Groups started here


Sacha GreifSacha Greif
2 years ago

Actually I talked about this with Alice recently. The conclusion of the chat was that switching to Telescope didn't really offer enough benefits yet to justify making the effort. But if things have changed since because of spam, I'll definitely do my best to help!

2 years ago

Great to have you Sacha not giving up! :)

Also (for future visitors to this thread), I'd like to highlight more advantages of using Telescope (besides those I mentioned earlier):

  • people can use Categories to discuss Issues/Bugs, Questions, Events, Jobs/Bounties etc., and mark posts with Tags like Open, Resolved, Duplicate etc.
  • unlike in Google Groups, we could use the Voting to Bubble up the burning topics and Push down the spam.
  • we can use different Views to look at posts (and we should add "Best/Recent" sorting to comments :))

and hopefully in near future have these:

  • "@-mentions" and a "quick chat";
  • people can edit their settings to receive Notifications per category;
  • and get "Alerts" (notifications) if somebody mentioned specific Keywords (in post's title or body) - good for package authors & contributors;
  • get "Alerts" when some topic gets a specific number of views/comments/votes etc.
  • spammers can get blocked by IP or be limited in ability to make new posts and comments.
2 years ago

This is my original reasoning for using Telescope to power the Meteor-Talk discussions (just for reference):

Yes, http://Discourse.org is kinda cool, free and kinda ready, however if we (the Meteor community) want to have a platform for discussion which is perfect for our tastes and needs then we probably should try to build one ourselves and make it as good as we can, despite the odds. :)

And using Telescope as a base can make things easier, because:

1) it is a Meteor-based app, well supported, and has many features available for discussion needs (comments, replies, notifications, avatars, votes & karma vs. old-school "me too +1" :)) ;

2) it is free and open source software that we can use and learn from;

3) we can improve the design and extend its functionality however we like - and along the way create some packages that can be used by other Meteor apps!

4) we can extend Telescope to support external services like Github and StackOverflow, and others (to get feeds, file issues, make cross-posts etc.)

5) perhaps we can build a chat-solution to integrate with Telescope and allow kinda "Cross-chatting" i.e. visitors to Talk.meteor.com (a proposed place for "Meteor-Talk" discussions) can chat with folks on IRC or Gitter etc. (maybe using something like https://ConverseJS.org )

6) we could integrate or build some spam-fighting mechanisms or services into it, couldn't we?

Don't get me wrong, it just seems to me that with any language/framework the "makers" will face the time when they need to eat some "own dogfood", sooner or later :)))