I put Google site verification file googledcc58f5e86e66a12.html in the folder Public so Google can verify that I am the owner of the site. When I run Telescope I got the error message:

While processing files with templating (for target web.browser): /public/googledcc58f5e86e66a12.html:1: Expected one of: , ,

That is correct because the file googledcc58f5e86e66a12.html have only 1 line with the following content: google-site-verification: googledcc58f5e86e66a12.html

My question is How to inform Telescope not to process googledcc58f5e86e66a12.html as a template file (anyway this file is in Public Folder so Telescope should not process it at all !) ?

Thank You Kosona


Sacha GreifSacha Greif
last year

Maybe if putting it in /public doesn't work you can use Picker to render it server-side? Or else use another verification method (DNS, etc.).