If like me, you use authentication and replicaset with your MongoDB, the deployment of Nova Apollo/GraphQL with mup will not work (even with the latest version, can't access the MongoDB Database).

However there are 2 solutions that you can use:

  1. manual deployment Build your yourapp.tar.gz on your development pc and upload to your server

On the server: cd /home/yourapp tar -xzf yourapp.tar.gz cd bunde/programs/server npm install cd ../../..

Then on the server run your app with the following command cd bundle PORT=portnumber MONGO_URL='mongodb://user:password@ip1:port1,ip2:port2/dbname?authSource=admin&replicaSet=replicasetname' ROOT_URL=https://xx.com node main.js

  1. Use PM2 (on the server) and pm2-meteor (on development pc) for deployment

Hope that help

adalidda https://adalidda.com


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