My Telescope App used the latest version of Nova classic. I am now looking to migrate it to Apollo/GraphQL version.

For that I download the version from github and follow the instruction on the doc page: Clone the Nova repo locally, then: git checkout devel npm install meteor

After I type meteor the telescope is showing and it's OK.

Without adding or modifying the default nova appollo/GraphQL version above, now, I put in .deploy my deployment files that I used with my Telescope Nova classic: mup.js and settings.json

The mup deploy went well but when I called my app I got error undefined.

Why I got this error ?

PS: I put the migration.js in server folder as told in the user guide so the error should not related to my MongoDb database.

Thank You Kosona


3 months ago

Found the bug. With Apollo/GraphQL, should use addAssets instead of addFiles for the .scss file in the package.js

Now everything is working fine !

Congratulation to the Telescope Team for this great work with Telescope Apollo/GraphQL version.