Hi people, I am looking to setting up a bookmarking site as well as another "product hunt"like (but not for products) site.

I am doing my best to avoid Wordpress and considered Pligg for a while. But Pligg seems to be fading away. So here I am considering Telescope.

Do you, by any chance know any masonry theme like this (http://pinlack.imandy.ie/) or a theme like producthunt.com available for Telescope? As far as I can see on the telescopeapp.org site, no such theme exists (and many existing themes are not downloadable because the websites died out by the way - is the same thing happened to Pligg happening here?). But maybe you know a source out of this site. Thanks.


Jari HanskiJari Hanski
last year

Have you tried Zeiss theme for Telescope? You can find it here https://github.com/TelescopeJS/Zeiss