I recently decided to use the Telescope App framework for a few projects that I would like to interlink or essentially use the same user database with separate domains while having each project located on the same physical server.

The above is the primary long term goal but this question is associated with a short term goal for my projects. The following explains what I want to do but that I have been unable to find resources to help me complete what I want.

I'd like to create custom packages that would act similar to the Telescope Hero Banner plugin where you edit the data associated and it updates the client in relation to those changes.

I would like these packages to be able to have the data associated be updated through an admin page labeled "Plugins" that would essentially look just like the "Settings" page except only include the fields for the custom plugins I create.

From there I would like to be able to edit the data within those fields and save the changes to then see the changes reflect on the client's side, using a Hero Banner plugin as an example.

I was able to add fields to the "Settings" page based on the Hero Banner plugin but I am unable to have those populate with the custom default data and then update as well as show the Hero Banner with the changes I have added to those fields within the "Settings" page.

Essentially, as an example to build from, how could I take the Hero Banner plugin, incorporate its config overlay as a custom field group within the "Plugins" page described as to remove it from the front-end (as an overlay), be able to update its contents within that "Plugins" page, and then have the result of those changes displayed on the front-end in the form of the Hero Banner?

I am far too new with Node.js, Meteor, and the Telescope App framework itself to be able to figure this out on my own in order to launch my first project by or on the 1st of January. Thanks in advance!


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