We are looking to build a meteor application based on Telescopeapp.

Main skills:

  • meteor / Telescopeapp
  • connect to MySQL
  • REST

Other skills:

  • integrate Internet Telephony / WebRTC
  • integrate messaging / chat / email
  • integrate cloud storage (Google Drive)

The app is a task list connected to jBPM workbench. It is intended to be used by small teams. We expect that Telescopeapp will help with social and collaboration aspects of the application.

Application technical requirements are:

  • connect to other systems over REST
  • access directly a MySQL database (mostly read only)
  • use Telescopeapp as a platform
  • deployment on Google VM (Ubuntu 14.04) and Docker

As a second stage integrate with:

  • cloud storage (Google Drive)
  • Internet Telephony / WebRTC
  • messaging / chat / email

Anyone interested please contact me directly at dan.cimpoesu [at] clearbridge.com.au


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