As I am looking to migrate my telescope app from Nova classic to Nova Apollo/GraphQL version, I spent 2 days before making its worked !

I share below the steps required to make Telescope Nova Apollo/GraphQL version worked as this information is missing in the user guide http://nova-docs.telescopeapp.org/

  1. Make sure that you have at least npm version 3 and node version 4.7. If necessary update your npm and node

  2. After Clone the Nova repo locally, then:

git checkout devel

npm install

Install Apollo with the following (check http://dev.apollodata.com/core/meteor.html)

To install apollo, run these commands:

meteor add apollo

meteor npm install --save apollo-client graphql-server-express express graphql graphql-tools body-parser

  1. Install Meteor Apollo Accounts (https://github.com/nicolaslopezj/meteor-apollo-accounts). This package uses the Meteor Accounts methods in GraphQL, it's compatible with the accounts you have saved in your database and you may use apollo-accounts and Meteor's DPP accounts at the same time.

meteor add nicolaslopezj:apollo-accounts

AFTER the above step, you can now run meteor to see all is working on your DEVELOPMENT computer.

Recommendation: Install Redux DevTools extension for Google Chrome that help a lot in development of Telescope Nova Apollo/GraphQL version (check http://dev.apollodata.com/core/devtools.html)

Hope that will help to spread the use of Telescope Nova Apollo/GraphQL version as development platform for Web Apps of the 21st century !

All my congratulation to Sacha, Xavier Cazalot and all Nova's Team for the great Telescope Nova Apollo/GraphQL version.

Kosona Chriv


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