I want to add a custom feature that would let the users create photo posts apart from submitting links. Can anyone please provide some guidance?

Please note that I've already built a stand alone app using Meteor Slingshot to upload images to S3.

As I don't have much budget for this project, so I'll be able to pay for guidance/consultation. Code will be written by me.

Here is what is want to achieve:

1) On mouse over on the "Post" button at top right, there will be two options - i) Links ii) Photo 2) When the user clicks on 'Photo', he/she will be shown the same page as that of already existing 'URL/link' submission page. Differences are the following: i) there won't be any field to submit the 'URL' ii) Instead of thumbnail, there will be an option to browse and upload image

Thanks for the read!


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