Our Telescope App work well now in production. We run Telescope App on docker and Mongodb docker container used replicaset and oplog. NGInx managed all websites.

All worked smoothly. Thank You so much Sacha for your guideline and advise.

Now we start to make the localize version of our Telescope App (using a sub-domain for each local site): French, German, Chinese, Vietnamese.

I wonder if there are a way to have all users in a common users collections (mean each user should be able to sign-in to the English site but also to all localized sites) and User who sign-up on a localize site should be able to log-in to all sites.

Thank You Kosona


Sacha GreifSacha Greif
last year

One way would be to have all apps share a database, and then add some kind of locale custom field to posts and comments to filter them our for each site.

Or, only have a single app to host all the languages and switch between them based on a URL parameter maybe? In either case it will require a bit of work…

last year

Oh Great. I think that the first option suited well to our need.

Thank You so much Sacha.